Front cover of "AMALGAM" album. Instead of using the band's logo on the cover, we opted to use a serif font with wide tracking, giving it a more cinematic and serious look. 

Recoil in Horror, the independent deathcore band based out of Portland, Oregon commissioner me to assist with a variety of materials to help give them a professional and consistent look. This has been an ongoing relationship resulting in social media posts, product photography, print collateral, screen printing a batch of limited release shirts, motion graphics for videos and the biggest honor of them all - album artwork for their first full length LP, Amalgam. 
The art for Amalgam had a few main points they wanted to get across. By definition, Amalgam is the combination of two metals. They also wanted spooky, dystopian and industrial looking. The final artwork features a composite graphic of a skull laying over a stream of molten lava. A closer look at the skull reveals wires, conduit and other mechanical features. The background has spooky mirrored trees that I photographed in the winter. The back of the album cover takes you into those trees, which shows a waterway that has the lava mixing in with the natural water - possibly explaining why everything is so barren and dystopian. 

A "Thank you" card for the band to include with all of their online orders. 

"Lamia's Wrought" music video shirt. The singer Ian wanted a custom design and a limited run of shirts with this eloquent message for a music video they filmed for the song "Lamia's Wrought." I came up with the simple design, made some small adjustments and screen printed a batch of 12 shirts in my basement studio. The shirt design comes with "RECOIL IN HORROR" text that runs along the right arm sleeve. 
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