Shortly after starting my job in county communications, a Sign Standardization Committee was formed to, as the name implies, standardize the county signage across the county. We took a full inventory of all the signs and discovered that there are over 60 monument-style signs in the county - almost all with a unique look. Some signs had the old logo, typefaces were different on most, and the information given varied greatly.
My role in the Sign Standardization Committee was to come up with some recommendations of what the new standard for signs should look like. After a handful of meetings, some discussion on the needs of each departments (and campus locations) these photos are an example of the new standard that is just starting to emerge from our efforts. This isn't a completely cut-and-dry system either, it's more of a framework for how they should look. Each sign has to go through an approval process and the individual needs of each sign and location are considered. 
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