The fire department had a new station under construction and needed to hire several new recruits. The command staff determined that the typical approach of posting for jobs in the county's employment website wasn't enough, and they wanted to have brochures and flyers in-hand to take to job fairs, local community colleges and hiring events. 

This brochure was already in existence, but looked entirely different. It was made in Microsoft Publisher - didn't have any pictures and the only graphic in it was their patch. To really grab someone's attention, I thought I would lean into what would make someone like working for a fire department - being part of something exciting and important. The amount of copy they had was very minimal, giving lots of opportunity to add a variety of photos of the fire department in action. 

The 8.5x11 flyer was the same approach as the brochure. Bold, exciting and vibrant. I had taken the photo of the firefighter in his turnout gear a couple of years earlier and never thought I'd have a good excuse to use the photos. I'm glad I held on to it! Since the mask covers so much of their faces, it's easy for someone to envision themself in this picture, which gives it a "this could be you" type of effect. 
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