A long time friend of mine, James Dunn, announced in early 2022 that he had intentions to run for State Court Judge in Forsyth County, Georgia. 
Upon learning about this, I asked if there was anything I could do to help him with his campaign materials and he said that he already had a campaign plan underway with a local company who specializes in political campaigns. 
Not long after, he reached out to see if there was any way I could assist. This company he paid for was expensive and very limited with their involvement and offerings. He had a Facebook page with targeted ads, but nothing for regular posts. No flyers, stickers, door hangers, etc. 
We immediately got started on a myriad of marketing items, beginning with a quick photoshoot. 
My wife, Megan, showed her prowess for social media strategy and content creation and we worked as a small marketing team with James and his family over the next three months.
During the course of James' campaign, we assisted him with: 
- 20+ original social media posts
- Dozens of Facebook and Instagram Stories
- Two campaign marketing flyers
- Coordinating the marketing for four meet-and-greet events (social media posts and events and flyers
- Two Facebook and Instagram profile pictures and cover photos
- Photoshoot during one of the meet-and-greet events
- An interview style video, where James explains his values and goals

- Campaign stickers
- Election night party invitation
-30 custom screen printed shirts
- A thank you video after the campaign, for all of his supporters 
At the end of the campaign, on May 24th, James won the election with over 70% of votes in his favor. James' campaign had fewer political endorsements than his opponent, but his marketing and social media game was a lot stronger, which likely resulted in the strong victory. 
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