This whole project started with a family trip to Shady Grove Campground in our travel trailer. We love this campground and this was our first time staying in a proper RV site, rather than a tent site. As we checked in at the Visitor Center, they handed me this black and white flyer. 
It's a copy of a copy, the map doesn't use all of the space provided, and it mentions that alcohol is prohibited three different times. My initial perception of this was that it looked unfriendly and uninviting...especially considering that people use this place to vacation. I took the flyer home with me and decided to broach the idea of a redesign to the Parks & Recreation department. They loved the idea and wanted to set up a meeting with few of their staff to discuss. Just ahead of this meeting, I began working on a draft so that they could see what I had in mind. I ended up with a full color 2-per-page flyer.
Thousands of visitors come to this campground annually, and they come to enjoy the natural beauty of north Georgia and Lake Lanier. I wanted to convey a welcoming, retro looking family-friendly map and flyer. In addition to the aesthetic changes, I recommended only listing the most important rules and pointing to something else (like a QR code) to get a full set of rules - these rules on the flyer are what they want campers to remember the most.
The staff who reviewed the initial design absolutely loved it and they only had a few changes. First, they wanted to upgrade the size from 5.5"x8.5" to 8.5" x 11." They also sent an updated and shortened rule list and provided a QR code for the rules.
The map was designed by cross-referencing between the map I received and a Google Maps satellite image. This was designed in Photoshop. The colors are all from the County's official color palette and were selected to give good contrast for way finding. 
The Parks & Recreation Department was so pleased with this that they have asked if I can redesign the maps for all 25 parks in the County. 
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